The natural water from the Filipan-1 well has show extraordinary therapeutic effects in treatment of psoriasis, chronic eczema, fungus skin and mouth cavity diseases, acute and chronic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, dermatitis seborrhea, skin inflammation with evident blistering, adolescent unclear skin, acne, hair fall, dandruff, in rheumatic disease of the joints, and problems of dilated veins. It also relieves pains in pulled ligaments and muscles. It normalizes the hormone systems of the thyroid pituitary glands.

After using the Filipan water, your skin becomes softer and smoother. The water from this well was tested at the Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, showing this water to be, according to the balneological classification, a cold mineral water containing iodine, fluorine, sodium chloride and hydricarbonate. The analysis makes it evident that the tested water has strong balneological properties due to its characteristic content of iodine and fluorine, and its mineralisation with somewhat higher content of sodium chloride. As for its genesis, Filipan`s water belongs to the so-called group of oil waters.

IODINE is essential for the maintenance of the organism's normal metabolic rate and normal functioning of the hormone system (thyroid and pituitary glands). It has an effect on the hemo-dynamic ratio, i.e. the blood pressure. It raises resistance to stress, increases the defense mechanisms in the organism, and is an important factor in mental and physical health. It regulates the production of energy in the body. Iodine insufficiency causes goitre. Its inhalation acts as an expectorant on the mucus of the respiratory tracts.

As for FLUORINE, it has been found that it acts as a protective agent and prevent cavities, particularly in children. It may help in the therapy of osteoporosis, especially when osteoporosis accompanies other degenerative diseases of the locomotory system, so frequent in older age groups. However, in these cases a pharmacologically combined therapy (hormonal therapy, calcium, vitamin D) is indicated together with balneotherapy (kinesitherapy). During bathing, fluorine passes though the skin and enters the blood stream. Drinking the water will also help bring a certain amount of fluorine into the body, without fear of overdose.

The water contains a greater amount of SODIUM CHLORIDE. This salty water is beneficial in treatment of functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates stomach secretions and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal peristalsis. Resorption in the stomach is minimal, most of it taking place in the small intestine and passing into the blood stream and acting as an important metabolism factor. Salty water does not act as cure for the gastrointestinal disorders, but the presence of sodium chloride is welcome sa an accompanying agent in a complex therapy. During inhalation, sodium chloride has a beneficial effect on the mucus of the respiratory tracts.

Given the feedback from the people who have used Filipan water, seems that the water is most beneficial if used in a suitable manner - depending on the type of disease. In disease such as: neurodermatitis, dermatitis bullosa, acute and chronic rheumatic disease of the joints, pulled ligaments, joints and muscles, it is best to apply compresses, twice daily for 30 to 60 minutes. The water should first be heated to body temperature.

In treatment of psoriasis, compresses (with water heated to body temperature) are recommended twice daily 30 to 60 minutes. For better therapeutic effects, the water should also be taken orally, 250 ml two or three times a day. This combined therapy has yielded excellent results, as has been affirmed by many people who used the water for this specific purpose. In treatment of adolescent acne we recommend compresses twice a day from 5 to 15 minutes, In hair fall and dandruff, we recommend gentle scalp massage, twice a day for 5 to 15 minutes, with the water previously heated to body temperature. It is important that the scalp is massaged after hair has been shampooed. The same applies in severe cases of dandruff. In treatment of fungus diseases of the mouth cavity, we recommended rinsing and gargling with Filipan water, several times a day. In functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, and heartburn, the water should be drunk two or three times a day, 150 ml at a time. The same applies to the treatment of thyroid disorders.
Chemical Content and Physical Properties of the Water from the Filipan-1 Well
1 litre of water contains: mg mmol mval mval%
Lithium (Li*) 0,901 0,13 0,13 0,10
Sodium (Na*) 2819,6 122,645 122,645 90,33
Patassium (Ka*) 394,31 10,084 10,084 7,43
Ammonia (NH4)* 15,29 0,848 0,848 0,62
Magnesium (Mg**) 12,212 0,502 1,005 0,74
Calcium (Ca**) 17,224 0,43 0,859 0,63
Strontium (Sr**) 4,016 0,046 0,092 0,07
Barium (Ba**) 3,389 0,025 0,046 0,04
Manganese (Mn**) 0,039 0,001 0,001 0,00
Irone (Fe**) 0,28 0,005 0,01 0,01
Aluminium (Al***) 0,318 0,009 0,027 0,03
    134,728 135,758 100,00
Fluoride (F') 2,018 0,106 0,106 0,08
Chloride (Cl') 2940,7 82,938 82,938 59,08
Bromide (Br') 4,329 0,054 0,054 0,04
Iodide (J') 8,014 0,063 0,063 0,04
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3') 3478,2 57,003 57,003 40,61
Sulphate (SO4'') 3,198 0,033 0,067 0,05
Hydrophosphate (H2SiO3'') 6,76 0,07 0,141 0,10
    140,276 140,381 100,00
Not dissociated:        
Silicon acid (H2SiO3) 9,879 0,126    
    275,130 276,381  
Mineralisation: 9675,7        
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 57,891        
Radon (Rn) BQ/l 10,5        
pH 7,6        
Sulphate test (analysis) 9888,0 mg/l        
Sulphate test (calculation) 9717,3 mg/l        
Rinsed residue (105 °C) 7948,0 mg/l        
Rinsed residue (180 °C) 7930,0 mg/l        
Rinsed residue (calculated) 7907,9 mg/l        
Density (20 °C) 1,00687        
Electric conductivity µS/cm 14548,9        
Water temperature (°C) 14,5        
Zagreb, June 19, 1996
Balneological-technical analysis:   Balneological-medical analysis:
Radovan Čepelak, B. Eng.   Prof. Dr. Zlatko Domljan
    Head of Institute:
    Prof. Dr. Zlatko Domljan

the terapy is applied in the evenings,
in the form of compresses for up to 1 hour.

the therapy consists of taking up to 150 ml. of water in the morning and evening.
The same therapy is to be applied for treatment of thyroid disorders.

therapy the water is to be used as a rinse or a gargling agent.

Trust in nature, nature gives its best!

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